Unclog Your Drain With Drain Cleaning Services


Having a minor clog can begin as a nuisance, but grow into a big problem. When a clog is left undealt with it can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that can be harmful to your health. When you have tried everything to unclog your drains but still they don't drain properly call our professional plumber today as schedule for a drain cleaning service. The reliable plumber at Pete's Pipes & Rooter Cleaning will arrive on time and at your house ready to take on your toughest clogs. Call us today at (510) 657-7599 and find out more.

Unclogging Your Drains

It is important to always maintain your sink drains by flushing them out regularly at home to avoid costly repairs. Though there are many at home remedies for drain cleaning nothing is more reliable than scheduling for a professional drain cleaning. Pete's Pipes & Rooter Cleaning offers a flat rate for all of our drain cleaning services. So whether you have a minor clog or your feel like your drains are slowing your whole life down, call our experienced plumber today at (510) 657-7599 and request a drain cleaning service.
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Unplugging Your House

Sometimes your clog could be because of a much bigger problem. There are times when in-house plumbing could be caused by an issue outside. For a flat rate, Pete's Pipes & Rooter Cleaning can help you unplug your whole house draining system. Pipes can become clogged with soap, grime, food waste, dirt, tree roots, and other debris. We use a specialized cable, also called a snake, to find the root cause of your drain problems. With the snake, we will open your drain and release the clog that is so deep that regular drain cleaning chemicals cannot resolve it. Pete's Pipes & Rooter Cleaning never recommends chemicals be used.
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